High blood pressure and sex: is sex dangerous if you have high blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is the most common problem people face during any health condition. Almost 35% of the world’s population is affected by sex issues caused by high blood pressure according to top las vegas escorts calculations. High blood pressure does not have any particular signs or symptoms. Although having sex or getting involved in any sex-related activity doesn’t create any immediate health problem, but escort suggests that having sex during medical conditions like hypertension affects your overall sex life.

Challenges faced by men and women

Professional escorts suggest that men and women face different challenges while having sex during high blood pressure. Men face several challenges as over time due to high blood pressure, blood vessels of the penis get affected making a loss in sensation and creates problems in erectile dysfunction. High BP reduces the sex drive and causes a high interference in ejaculation. Every-time men have sex during high blood pressure; there are chances of anxiety attacks that affect the relationship and sexual satisfaction of their partners.

Women, on the other hand, affect sexual problems due to high blood pressure. High blood pressure decreases blood flow which affects the ability to feel pleasure in the vagina and affect the sex drive of women making it harder for arousal. Other problems that can occur include vaginal dryness, painful periods, slow or no orgasms.

Sex is dangerous while having high blood pressure

Having sex during high blood pressure can be dangerous. Las vegas escorts suggest that you should avoid or have slow sex if you are on medications. Having sex during high blood pressure with some medications can increase your risks of sexual problems including lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction; other diseases include beta-blockers and Diuretics.

You should check with your doctor and include medications that help you stabilize your blood pressure with sexual medicines without causing any reaction.

Be honest with your doctor

Be honest with your doctor about your condition, and you can have pleasurable sex with proper care even in high blood pressure.

The more you discuss with your doctor, the better treatment you can get and faster recovery can be done.

Promote overall health for better sex life

Making your lifestyle healthier and taking proper precautions can give you big relief in your condition and improve your sex life better.

Health care tips you need to follow include:-

  • Limited or no use of tobacco and its alternatives
  • Eating healthy diet foods
  • No consumption of alcohol
  • Low salt diet and if possible use salt with low sodium content
  • Regular exercise to lose those extra pounds
  • Maintaining cardiovascular health.
  • Staying in happy environments

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